Shoe Import from Turkey

Since the beginning of globalization, international trade peaked because of the internationalization of products and production facilities. In late nineties, international trade is eased the production and marketing for companies. In shoe industry, Companies purchase textile or leather, sole, accessories for production of shoes. Most of the qualified shoe producers export their goods all over the world.

Rakerplus Kids Classic Shoes Whole Saler

International Shoe Wholesale Supplier & Vendor

As a leather shoe manufacturer, Raker Shoes wholesales leather shoes for kids. Main products are leather boots for children, leather sneakers & sports shoes for children, leather sandals for children, leather formal shoes for children. Raker shoes supplies its partners with its experience in footwear industry as reliable supplier. On the other hand, Raker Shoes searchs shoe buyers ll around the world everyday to widen its family as shoe wholesale supplier and as shoe wholesale vendor.