Dear Business Partner,

At Rakerplus, we continue to uphold our pioneering role in producing genuine leather, anatomically structured, healthy, and child-friendly shoes. With our aesthetic designs and durable materials, we aim to always offer our customers the best.

Our company is located in the Izmir Province of Turkey, operating with a 1,200 square meter closed production facility and a 150 square meter showroom and wholesale store.

Wholesale Advantages

Competitive Prices: The Rakerplus wholesale program provides access to high-quality, anatomically sound products at competitive prices.

Wide Product Range: Our extensive product range with different designs, colors, and sizes offers options tailored to customer needs.

Special Discounts and Campaigns: We make our collaboration even more advantageous with special discounts and campaigns for wholesale customers.

Fast and Reliable Delivery: By offering fast and reliable delivery service for wholesale purchases, we optimize your business processes.

Micro Export Opportunities

At Rakerplus, we reach customers worldwide through micro-exporting. Our micro-export program, limited to 300 kg weight and 15,000 euros, supports our business partners in accessing international markets.

Easy Process: Easily manage micro-export transactions with limited bureaucratic processes.

International Collaboration: Benefit from international collaboration opportunities by delivering Rakerplus products to customers worldwide.

Shipping Processes: For micro-export, shipping is facilitated through UPS, PTT, and DHL, while for export shipments, delivery is arranged from Turkey through contracted partial cargo companies, including options for air, land, and sea shipments to your address.

How to Place an Order?

You can request our catalog and list of stock products through our communication channels. You can order from our ready stock products without a minimum order quantity requirement. For custom production orders, the minimum order quantity is 100 pairs for Rakerplus branded productions, 1,000 pairs for productions under your brand, and 2,000 pairs for box-branded productions. Custom production orders are processed after confirmation of price and term approval with a 30% advance payment. The order delivery process involves delivery to the contracted cargo company, customs clearance procedures, and depending on your preference, completion with shipment via air, land, or sea to your address after the remaining payment process is completed. For detailed information on wholesale, export, and micro-export requests, you can contact us.

How Can I Make Payment?

You can complete your payment in any desired currency through your bank, credit card, or international money transfer companies such as CoronaPay, Western Union, and UPT.

By partnering with Rakerplus, not only can you offer our customers high-quality, healthy, anatomical, stylish, and practical children’s shoes, but you can also step into global markets. We look forward to welcoming you as our business partner.

Best Regards,

Rakerplus Team.