Rakerplus Shoes as shoe manufacturer, shows its experience on kids boots production and Wholesale Kids Boots to the World. On its special Boots collections for Children and Babies, Rakerplus branded boots are highly preferred by parents because of being made of genuine leather, having fur and easy use options like velcro, zip and laces.

Rakerplus Baby and Kids Boots have different color options. Such as, Grey, Black, Navy Blue, Brown, Green, Pink baby and kids boots options are available in our boots collections. Our boots also have different leather options like suede, matte and skin from EU sizes 22 to 39.

Baby Boots in Bulk

We produce colorful baby boots mostly with velcro to ease the use for parents. Our orthopedic sole structure suits babies feet very well to preserve their foot health. And also, We use non-carcinogenic materials in our synthetic materials. Natural real leather boots for babies is seen highly profitable by our wholesaler clients in kids boots wholesale business.

Kids Boots in Bulk

We produce different models of kids boots with different closure options and different leg heights. All of our childs booties models are made with natural materials like genuine leather, non-carcinogenic synthetic fur and tested soles. Boots for kids and boots for youngsters are branded with Rakerplus which is one of the reputable boots brands of Turkey.

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