Raker Shoes, which is planning to known worldwide as a leading shoe brand, is increasing its market presence every day in international shoe markets.

After Turkey, Raker Shoes can be found in EU shoe market; Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Austria. Our markets in Asia are Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Our markets in Middle – East and Africa are Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco. Raker also presented in United States.

We are enlarging our shoe markets day by day through our international sales specialists. With our mission of being globally recognised brand, we act accordingly to be.

We especially focused on Americas and Europe to meet the demand of those international markets. Also, we are still working on other market to supply our partners. Our international sales team is reaching different partners all around the globe every day. Leather Shoe importers who seek to find international leather shoe suppliers or exporters all around the world, can contact us through our phone and e-mail address listed in Contact page.

Additionally, Turkish Speakers can contact us via our website in Turkish.

International Markets