Since the beginning of globalization, international trade peaked because of the internationalization of products and production facilities. In late nineties, international trade is eased the production and marketing for companies. In shoe industry, Companies purchase textile or leather, sole, accessories for production of shoes. Most of the qualified shoe producers export their goods all over the world. Additionally, Turkey is one of the hot spots for shoe retailers and shoe brands to make their shoes produced. Shoe import from Turkey is increasing year by year. Both increase in quality of footwear and decrease in the value of Turkish Lira is the main cause.

Footwear Import

Lots of international agreements have been signed to ease the international trade. Additionally, These arrangements decreased the custom duties for shoe imports and exports. These decreased custom duties increased the import and export volume of shoe trade. The trade starts with need of shoes of a company. And then, interested in shoes of a footwear producer which operates in another state results footwear import.

For example a shoe retailer from European Union wants to import shoes from a kids’ shoes manufecturer in Turkey after they saw products in International Shoe Fair. Importing company gets in touch with shoe exporter. After the deal made between two companies, custom officers of importing company informs the shoe exporter about the needs for transits from the custom. Kids’ shoes exporter is obliged to do the needs for clearing the transfer of the children’s footwear. After the all documentary needs are fullfilled, shoe retailer imports kids’ shoes from Turkey to European Union safely.

Kids’ Shoes Import from Turkey

Turkey has a advantageous position for Children Shoes Imports for international shoe retailers. Qualified and cheap kids shoes have a great trade capacity and possibility of making money. Also, Selling the qualified kids’ shoes creates this opportunity with low purchasing costs. The geopolitic position of Turkey which is closed to Europe, Asia and Africa makes Turkey a great spot to import of shoes which has low transportation cost. On the other hand, Kids’ shoes exporters in Turkey serve shoe purchasers with their best afford to create international ties.

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